Harness the power of the Sun
The technology is here. The energy is free. And, It's never been less expensive to have installed.
Complete packages from $4,499
Qualifies for Federal Tax Credit of 30% of installation cost
Restrictions apply, see your tax professional
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We Recommend these Passive or Active Solar heating systems
Finance It!

Installed price = $4,499

Monthly Payment Calculator

12 months $407.16
24 months $213.88
36 months $151.80
48 months $123.45
60 months $112.34
72 months $100.87
84 months $95.47

Example Installation

Installed price = $4,499
Federal Tax credit=($1,349.70)
Restrictions apply, see your tax professional

Out of Pocket Total= $3149.30

Pays for itself with savings in as little as 4 years

Typical south Florida monthly water heating cost for family of 4= $60